Medicaid Renewals Educational Materials

Medicaid renewal are back.

The outreach and marketing resources on this web page are for partners to help inform Rhode Islanders enrolled in Medicaid about the important steps they need to take to renew their coverage. Additional resources and translations will be posted to this page as they become available.

Rhode Island's renewal process was recently highlighted in a national webinar hosted by Benefits Data Trust. To learn more about what Rhode Island is doing to help eligible people stay covered, check out the webinar recording on YouTube.

    Be ready. Stay covered. Medicaid renewals are back. Get ready to renew now. Update your contact information.

    Flyer Pack

    Each flyer pack contains 6 versions for sharing. They are sized at 8.5" x 11" and can be printed or shared online.

    Be ready. Stay covered. Medicaid renewals are back. Get ready to renew now. Update your contact information.
    Info sheet: Version 1

    Below are individual flyers available for download in multiple languages and designs. Share these resources to help inform Rhode Islanders about how to prepare for Medicaid renewals. 

    Are you covered by Medicaid?
    Info sheet: Version 2
    Medicaid members: Watch the mail for your renewal notice.
    Info sheet: Version 3

    Households with kids, which includes anyone younger than 19, will get a notice about their Medicaid renewal between December 2023 and April 2024. According to our records, more than 75,000 households with kids are currently enrolled in Medicaid in Rhode Island and will have their eligibility reviewed during this four-month period.

    It’s incredibly important that households with kids know about this timeline, are opening mail they receive from the State and know what to do to keep their Medicaid coverage if they’re eligible. You can watch this webinar from RIPIN for more information. 

    Below you will find:

    • A communications toolkit that includes adaptable materials in multiple languages, including:
      • Sample social media posts
      • Social media images
      • Email/newsletter content
      • Text message content
      • Robocall script
    • Double-sided palm cards in multiple languages. 
    • Flyer packs in multiple languages.
    • You can find additional social media graphics about renewals for households with kids in this Google Drive. Please consider sharing these messages on your platforms. 

    The Medicaid Renewal Lookup Portal allows Medicaid members, or community partners who are helping them, look up their anticipated Medicaid renewal date.

    The portal is easy to use, secure, and there’s no need to log in. If you are helping someone look up their Medicaid renewal date, here’s what you need to do:

    • Enter their Medicaid ID number, which can be found on their white Anchor card.
    • Enter their date of birth.

    Please keep in mind that a Medicaid member's renewal date is subject to change. This can happen for a few reasons, but the important thing to know is that the date will never change to sooner than what is shown in the portal. 

    Once a member knows their anticipated renewal date, you can help them prepare. Remind members to:

    • Update their contact information.
    • Watch their mail for a yellow or green notice.
    • When they get their notice in the mail, they should read it and take any necessary action right away. 

    Please consider printing or sharing the below flyers to promote the lookup portal. 

    Medicaid renewal are back. Find information in multiple languages on

    The social media toolkits below have sample posts and images about Medicaid renewals. You can find additional social media graphics about renewals for households with kids in this Google Drive. Please consider sharing these messages on your platforms. 

    Share these videos about renewals with Medicaid members on your social media, at upcoming events, or in your next newsletter.

    In collaboration with the RI Commission of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, EOHHS is sharing videos about Medicaid renewals in American Sign Language

    • This video outlines three key actions that anyone enrolled in Medicaid should take to get ready to renew their coverage.   
    • This video specifies that households with children enrolled in Medicaid will be getting a notice from the State about renewing their health insurance between December 2023 and April 2024. 
    English-60 seconds
    Spanish-60 seconds
    English-30 seconds
    Spanish-30 seconds
    English-15 seconds
    Spanish-15 seconds

    Listen to the below podcasts to learn more about Medicaid renewals and the HealthyRhode mobile app:

    Please consider sharing links to these episodes with your network. 

    HealthyRhode App

    The HealthyRhode mobile app is a convenient way for Rhode Islanders to maintain and view information related to their State benefits, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)Rhode Island Works, Medicaid coverage, or health coverage through HealthSource RI. The app is only accessible to someone who is enrolled in benefits through DHS. 

    Download and share this flyer to help promote awareness of the HealthyRhode mobile app. 

    Do you have questions about how to help someone use the HealthyRhode mobile app?

    Watch videos in English or Spanish on YouTube to learn how to:

    • Create an account
    • Login and set up an account
    • Reset username or password
    • Manage push notifications
    • Use the dashboard
    • Upload documents
    • View notices
    • Check application status

    A quick reference guide is also available to walk you through the different ways members can use the app to manage their benefits. Click here to view and download the HealthyRhode mobile app quick reference guide