Information for Community Organizations

As a Rhode Island-based community organization, you are a trusted source of information for the people you serve in your community. By helping us spread the word about Medicaid renewals, you can help ensure members get critical information about their health coverage and stay covered.

Thank you for your continued collaboration. We truly appreciate the work you’re doing to support Rhode Islanders through the Medicaid renewal process.

Community Partner Needs Assessment

HSRI, DHS, and EOHHS worked with Faulkner Consulting Group to conduct a needs assessment of community-based organizations in Rhode Island that typically interact with Medicaid members. The focus of the assessment was to identify opportunities for how the State can best support community partners to make sure they're prepared to help clients going through the Medicaid renewal process. 

As part of this project, the State was able to:

  • Define the expectation for the type of support the State is seeking from community partners. 
  • Identify a list of representative community partners who will be interacting with Medicaid members as they go through the Medicaid Renewal process.
  • Interview key contacts from community partners to identify the needs and gaps to be filled in order for them to be able to provide the support the State is seeking.

View the results of the State's assessment in this summary report.