Medicaid Renewals Are Back

Medicaid Members update your contact information today

What does "Medicaid renewal" mean?

Before COVID-19, the State reviewed Medicaid members’ information every year to make sure they were still eligible. This process is called a “Renewal.” 

The federal government paused renewals during COVID-19 to make sure people kept their health coverage. When the Public Health Emergency ended, the federal government required states to start renewals again.  

Rhode Island began Medicaid renewals again in April 2023. Since more than 350,000 Rhode Islanders are enrolled in Medicaid, not everyone will be renewed at once. Renewal notices will go out to different people each month. That means members will get a notice in the mail from the State sometime between now and April 2024.  

Rhode Island's renewal process was recently highlighted in a national webinar hosted by Benefits Data Trust. To learn more about what Rhode Island is doing to help eligible people stay covered, check out the webinar recording on YouTube.

There are three things you can do today to be ready and stay covered.   

  1. Update your contact information. Make sure the State has your current address, phone number, and email. Learn how to update your contact information.   

  1. Watch for your yellow or green notice in the mail. The State may tell you that your coverage is being automatically renewed or will ask you for more information. See examples of notices you may get.   

  1. Take action right away. Please submit your signed forms and any other documents the State requested as soon as possible. You must submit your documents by the date on your notice. Learn about how you can submit your documents.     

As a trusted voice in the community, you can play an important role in supporting Medicaid members with their renewals. Learn more about what you can do to spread the word about Medicaid renewals.  

Help your patients get ready for Medicaid renewals by explaining the process to them and sharing informational resources in your waiting rooms. Learn more about how you can support patients through the Medicaid renewal process.