What are Medicaid Renewals?

Medicaid Members update your contact information today

Every year, the State reviews Medicaid members' information to make sure they are still eligible. If we have enough information, we will send you a notice (Benefits Decision Notice) telling you that we have renewed your Medicaid.  

If we need more information, we will send you two notices: 

  • a yellow Medicaid renewal notice  
  • a white notice asking for additional documents.  

These two notices will arrive in the mail separately. Make sure you watch for both.  

When will it be my turn to renew?  

Not everyone gets their notice in the mail at the same time. Notices go out to different people at the start of each month.  You can use the Medicaid Renewal Lookup Portal to find your anticipated Medicaid renewal date.  

Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Enter the Medicaid ID number on your white Anchor card. 
  • Enter your date of birth. 

The portal tells you when you can expect to renew. But remember, your renewal date may change so check back often.  

You can also find your anticipated Medicaid renewal date by logging in to your account at healthyrhode.ri.gov and looking for “My Renewal Information.” 

There are three things you should do today to be ready and stay covered.    

  1. Keep your account information up to date so we can reach you with important information. For example, you should update your account if your contact information changes, you get a new job, or you have a baby.   

  2. Watch for mail from the State of Rhode Island. If we need more information to renew your coverage, you’ll get a yellow notice. Otherwise, you’ll get a Benefits Decision Notice (BDN) that says your coverage has continued automatically.   
  3. Take action right away. If you get a yellow notice, it means we need more information about you or people in your household to renew your coverage.  

As a trusted voice in the community, you play an important role in supporting Medicaid members with their renewal. Learn what you can do to spread the word about Medicaid renewals.   

Help your patients get ready to renew their Medicaid coverage by sharing informational resources in your waiting rooms. Learn more about how you can support patients through the Medicaid renewal process.