Talk to Your Patients About Medicaid Renewals

Access to healthcare coverage is important to your patients’ health. You can help ensure that your eligible patients keep their Medicaid coverage by sharing resources for help with the Medicaid renewal process.

Ask patients if they know about Medicaid renewals

Encourage patients to get ready for their Medicaid renewal by updating their contact information at or by calling their managed care organization.  

Reach out to your Medicaid patients

Consider calling your patients before their appointment to ensure their coverage is still active. Let them know they will receive a yellow Medicaid renewal notice or green notice in the mail (or in their HealthyRhode account if they’ve opted to receive documents electronically).

It's important to tell patients to:

  • Follow the specific instructions in their Medicaid renewal notice.
  • Return their signed renewal notice along with any requested documents before the due date in their notice.

Share resources with patients who need help

Patients who need assistance with their Medicaid renewal can reach out to a Certified Application Counselor or Navigator. Patients can also check their anticipated renewal date in their account at

Help your patients understand next steps

Make sure patients know they can continue their existing coverage if their Medicaid eligibility is confirmed. Patients who are no longer eligible for Medicaid will receive instructions on how to get health insurance coverage.

Provider Support Line

If you have questions or need assistance with verifying a patient’s Medicaid eligibility, contact our Provider Support Line.

Contact Gainwell at:

  • (401) 784-8100
  • 1-800-964-6211 (long distance and in-state toll calls)

QR Codes

For more information on Medicaid renewals and the status of their eligibility, patients can scan a QR code while in the waiting room.

stay covered qr code

HealthyRhode App (Apple)

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HealthyRhode App (Android)

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