Medicaid Renewals Data Dashboard


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  • CHIP: Children 's Health Insurance Program, a Medicaid covered benefit for children and families with low to moderate incomes.
  • HSRI: HealthSource RI, Rhode Island 's marketplace for health insurance.
  • Passive Renewals (No Action Required): The number of Medicaid renewal notices sent that don't require the member to take any additional action. The member's coverage is automatically renewed based on information that is already available in the system.
  • Active Renewals (Action Required): Member must return renewal packet/documents to the state.
  • Renewals Initiated: Renewal packet has been sent to the member informing them it’s their turn to renew.
  • Renewed via Exparte: Individuals that were passively renewed.
  • Renewed via Packet: Individuals that renewed via the packet being returned.
  • Determined Ineligible: Individuals that were either passively or actively determined to no longer be eligible for Medicaid
  • Procedural Terminations: Individuals disenrolled due to not returning their packet
  • Renewal Incomplete: Individuals who had a packet sent and a renewal outcome hasn't been determined yet
  • Exclusions: Individuals that do not currently fit into federally mandated reporting categories. Reasons for this could be timing, program, or renewal status. These cases generally fall into 2 categories:
    • Medicaid Cases who receive SNAP renewal packet but whose Medicaid benefits were moved to a later date.
    • Cases that are misclassified in the Bridges System and for which fixes are being deployed.

Abandoned Calls: Calls that were disconnected by the caller prior to reaching a worker.